The Perfect Promotional Product, Trade Show Giveaway & Messenger with a 'Kick'


The Lemon Heart (TM)  is the perfect Messenger since it can reach an almost unlimited demographic spectrum at a time of leisure.  

Perfect for events and catering services.

The Lemon Heart (TM) should be on every table and in any restaurant to add to the dining experience of your guests and will change the way we squeeze our lemons.

Is there a better way or time to read your MESSAGE ? 
LEMON HEART is extremly durable, dishwasher safe and inexpensive and will be lasting and promoting your Company or Message for a long time to come. 


Please contact us for promo orders or or forward this site to your PROMO agent for B2B quantities & pricing and LOGO questions. Our ASI Member # is 51232.

If you have no agent we will direct you to the closest Promotion Specialist near your location.  

We are looking forward to accommodate your needs in any way possible.

Custome PAD PRINT, domed LABELS and STICKERS in any shape.  

Call us for small orders like weddings or family events with your custom label.


 Convey your message




Custom Colors available